Who We Are

Cultivating inclusive and community-driven libraries & organizations through strategic support, project management & organizational development.

Our Approach

We are not your typical consulting company. Our primary focus is simple, it is to support libraries and community organizations with whatever they need, whenever they need. We actively work to embody a more collaborative approach to consulting. We believe that most libraries & organizations already have the inner wisdom to address the challenges they experience, it’s just that sometimes they need some reminding or creative actions steps to address them. Athenaeum Consulting does not subscribe to the hierarchical relationship that is typical to the traditional consulting model. We center collaboration, creativity and the community in all that we do. Athenaeum Consulting amplifies the work you already do, temporarily steps in on critical services when you are short handed & co-creates custom-to-your-library innovations so that you can meet your patrons’ needs in a timely and cost-effective manner!

Additionally, we center the values outlined in the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights in the work we do with libraries & communities.

Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

Libraries belongs to all members of our community and therefore libraries must actively work to both promote racial equity and challenge all forms of oppression.

Athenaeum Consulting strives to embody our belief that racism has no place in our communities through sustained action, active listening, being accountable to historically excluded identities, making reparations when possible and having a willingness to make mistakes while working towards equity for all. Additionally, Athenaeum Consulting acknowledges that our leadership has several privileged identities, including racial privilege, and that we operate in the world with explicit and implicit bias and unearned power. We are committed to liberation for all, which involves a sustained and frequently “messy” practice of accountability to how we perpetuate oppression.

Indigenous Land Acknowledgment

We acknowledge that while we are conducting this work with our communities, we are doing so on land stolen from the Ute, Arapaho, Sioux and Cheyenne tribes.